Extended videos in full

A 4-part documentary focusing on a Permaculture Design Course conducted by Rico Zook in Cambodia during December 2008. The Permaculture Design Course was organised by the Singing Tree cafe and community in Siem Reap.
For more informationyou can visit  http://www.ricoclime.com, http://www.singingtreecafe.comhttp://www.permacultureplanet.com

Rico Zook can also be seen in Bruce Weaver’s film Heaven on Earth – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miraywnpgjI

For more films by AstralJester please visit : http://astraljesterfilms.blogspot.com


Full talk including Q & A session given on the 9th of October by The Tyee’s Monte Paulsen at the museum of Vancouver. Ending homelessness. What works.

Thank you to both The Tyee and the Vancouver museum for permission to film and share online. Audio is a little low, you may be able to raise it by clicking on the sound icon


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