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Jim’s story

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Ex gang member and convict Jim Mandelin talks candidly about his journey from suffering physical and sexual abuse in the home, life on the street and prison to healing and creating a positive environment for himself and his family.
He asks the question “what creates the gang member or the drug addict?” This is his story. You may need to adjust the audio levels on the main interview.

Jim currently works as a facilitator for The John Howard Society, he is also a counsellor, a consultant and a public speaker. He has co-authored his autobiography “A life worth dying for” with Don Rock, which will be published shortly. For more information or if you’d like to contact Jim directly please visit www.jimmandelin.ca, email  jim.mandelin@jhslmbc.ca

Jim is 32 years clean and sober – June 2009 He’s a father of five children and six grandchildren and he’s very happy now! 

The John Howard Society works for effective & humane criminal justice through reform, advocacy, direct service & public education in order to promote a safe and peaceful community – www.jhslmbc.ca.