Ending homelessness – What works. Inspiring and effective solutions from The Tyee’s Monte Paulsen

The Tyee and the Vancouver museum hosted an excellent free talk on the 9th of October by Monte Paulsen, a journalist at the Tyee. The talk focuses on the issues surrounding homelessness in Vancouver, Canada. He discusses the causes and the solutions to end this global problem and gives a touching insight into the lives of the homeless. 

To raise the audio please click on the sound icon  

Thank you to The Tyee and the museum of Vancouver for permission to film and share online.

An un-edited version of the talk has been uploaded on the page above – “Extended videos in full”. 

Filmed by Kezia Hanson – A Cassia Tree production.

For more information about the organisations involved please visit – www.thetyee.ca, www.museumofvancouver.ca, www.hopeinshadows.com  and www.pivotlegal.org


Rethinking plastic

Running time 10 mins

An excellent short documentary following two campaigners and their experiences in their quest to rid not only the local community of plastic bags but the world of this plight.

Produced, directed & filmed by Djonny & Kanika – www.djonny.co.uk

Flash mob – Wake Up Call – Vancouver 2009

Flash mob event which was organised collaboratively in 3 weeks and went global. People came together to call upon their leaders to fight the ever clicking clock of climate change for the conference which will be taking place in Copenhagen in December 2009. There is also a global day of action on October the 24th 2009.

If you live in Vancouver and are interested in getting involved you can find out about the day of action on October 24th 2009 through www.bridgecoolplanet.ca or for more information about climate change action and the conference in Copenhagen www.tcktcktck.org and global action and collaboration www.avaaz.org

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