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The World Is Ready!

A climate change anthem and video to offer for the use of the global movement, particularly around the Copenhagen conference, incorporating some of the TckTckTck and 350 slogans. Sing it at rallies, share the video, Face Book and Tweet it. Help to spread the word as far as possible!
Music & Video licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 – use it, mash it, share it, but link back to

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Permaculture in Cambodia with Rico Zook – Part 1

This is the first part of Permaculture in Cambodia with Rico Zook. You can view the full video on the videos in full page.

Part 1 of a 4-part documentary focusing on a Permaculture Design Course conducted by Rico Zook in Cambodia during December 2008.
In the first part Rico Zook outlines the ethics on which permaculture is based, aswell as some of the fundamental guiding principles.
The Permaculture Design Course was organised by the Singing Tree cafe and community in Siem Reap.
For more information about the work of Rico Zook, please visit :
Rico Zook can also be seen in Bruce Weaver’s film Heaven on Earth :


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