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Adaptation to Climate Change by Mphunga Villagers

The Malawian Red Cross Society and the Metrological Service recently worked in Mphunga, a community in Malawi. They discussed the facts about climate change and the need for adaptation. The effects of climate change have been increasing and rural areas of Africa are among the most vulnerable. As a result the villages decided to take action!  

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The Tar Sands Blow

The Canadian Tar Sands is the world’s largest, and dirtiest, energy project. Dirty oil sands crude generates as much as five times greenhouse gas as conventional oil. Yet, unless steps are taken by the U.S. and Canada, both countries will become irrevocably addicted to the dirtiest oil on earth.

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Student Action – Make a change!

Mrs. Pollard and Mr. Luder’s class at Lawrence Grassi Middle School gather with the Mayor of Canmore to say, “Let’s cap CO2 at 350 parts per million”.
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Flash mob – Wake Up Call – Vancouver 2009

Flash mob event which was organised collaboratively in 3 weeks and went global. People came together to call upon their leaders to fight the ever clicking clock of climate change for the conference which will be taking place in Copenhagen in December 2009. There is also a global day of action on October the 24th 2009.

If you live in Vancouver and are interested in getting involved you can find out about the day of action on October 24th 2009 through or for more information about climate change action and the conference in Copenhagen and global action and collaboration