Adaptation to Climate Change by Mphunga Villagers

The Malawian Red Cross Society and the Metrological Service recently worked in Mphunga, a community in Malawi. They discussed the facts about climate change and the need for adaptation. The effects of climate change have been increasing and rural areas of Africa are among the most vulnerable. As a result the villages decided to take action!  

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The Fantsuam Foundation

The Fantsuam Foundation is a rural-based non-governmental organisation which works with local communities to fight poverty through integrated development programs. Founded in 1996 by a group of Nigerian professionals who recognised the need to empower their rural community members, especially women. Through the Fantsuam Foundation they find the means of employment, generate income and meet their own development needs.
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Pamela Mclean
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The Thunder Box – Mobile Compost Toilet

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The Tar Sands Blow

The Canadian Tar Sands is the world’s largest, and dirtiest, energy project. Dirty oil sands crude generates as much as five times greenhouse gas as conventional oil. Yet, unless steps are taken by the U.S. and Canada, both countries will become irrevocably addicted to the dirtiest oil on earth.

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The World Is Ready!

A climate change anthem and video to offer for the use of the global movement, particularly around the Copenhagen conference, incorporating some of the TckTckTck and 350 slogans. Sing it at rallies, share the video, Face Book and Tweet it. Help to spread the word as far as possible!
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Vision for a better world

Machinima Bill Hicks has a vision.

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Jim’s story

Duration 10.59

Duration 10.29

Ex gang member and convict Jim Mandelin talks candidly about his journey from suffering physical and sexual abuse in the home, life on the street and prison to healing and creating a positive environment for himself and his family.
He asks the question “what creates the gang member or the drug addict?” This is his story. You may need to adjust the audio levels on the main interview.

Jim currently works as a facilitator for The John Howard Society, he is also a counsellor, a consultant and a public speaker. He has co-authored his autobiography “A life worth dying for” with Don Rock, which will be published shortly. For more information or if you’d like to contact Jim directly please visit, email

Jim is 32 years clean and sober – June 2009 He’s a father of five children and six grandchildren and he’s very happy now! 

The John Howard Society works for effective & humane criminal justice through reform, advocacy, direct service & public education in order to promote a safe and peaceful community –

Permaculture in Cambodia with Rico Zook – Part 1

This is the first part of Permaculture in Cambodia with Rico Zook. You can view the full video on the videos in full page.

Part 1 of a 4-part documentary focusing on a Permaculture Design Course conducted by Rico Zook in Cambodia during December 2008.
In the first part Rico Zook outlines the ethics on which permaculture is based, aswell as some of the fundamental guiding principles.
The Permaculture Design Course was organised by the Singing Tree cafe and community in Siem Reap.
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Rico Zook can also be seen in Bruce Weaver’s film Heaven on Earth :


Student Action – Make a change!

Mrs. Pollard and Mr. Luder’s class at Lawrence Grassi Middle School gather with the Mayor of Canmore to say, “Let’s cap CO2 at 350 parts per million”.
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Permaculture and Time with Geoff Lawton

Running time 4.42 mins

In this Machinima animated short film, meet the virtual Geoff Lawton as he takes us on a visual journey from discovering a meaningful activity to an expanded perception of time. Created by AstralJesterFilms and produced by The PermaScience Team with the real life voice of International Permaculture Guru Geoff Lawton. All set to the cyber subtropical rainforest backdrop of Northern New South Wales, Australia.

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